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We were very impressed by the fellow who mowed on 7/16.

Your crew did a wonderful job on the new beds.

I want to express my gratitude for the good work Ocean Edge does at our apartment complex.

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Our customers tell the story...

Crew photoThanks for such promptness in getting the eight plants removed from the bank. The view is dramatically improved and the area where they were transplanted is also made more attractive. Thanks to you and your team.

Rob Bloomer a.k.a. Ocean Edge Landscaping has been cutting my grass for over twenty years. Great guy who will plow you out in the middle of winter. After Hurricane Bob, he had broken through our driveway before the weather had cleared!

We’re not at the Cape house very often, but it always looks great when we come.

garden imagePlease tell Rob that the team did a MAGNIFICENT JOB - everyone at the wedding bragged at how nice the yard looked. Team - take a bow.

Your men do a very good job with our mowing and we look forward to seeing you next spring.

I know if something needs to be done differently, or better I can tell Rob and it will be done. Thank you for your help over the years.

You promised to get us a good lawn and you did!! We are perfectly pleased.

Roses and flowersWe value our relationship with your business and we trust that your high standards will continue to meet our own in the future

Your crew did a wonderful job on the new beds and thinning out the roses, etc. Just wanted to give the all a big “Thank you”.

You have a great team! This old lady truly appreciates your prompt and thorough service. Many thanks.

Although I am seldom there, when I have been your people have been efficient, courteous and cooperative. Neighbors report that the place looks well when we are absent.

We appreciate being able to reach you if something bothers us. Most of the time nothing does – your communication is super and your workers are excellent. Thank you.

Flower bed and stone wall
We are rarely there to see the work being done but are very satisfied and find Rob extremely accessible when we have questions or comments.

Great attitude, great workers – job well done!

Thanks for keeping us clear during the worst January ever! We really appreciate your efforts, especially Tom, who knows the edges of our driveway like “the back of his hand”

I want to express my gratitude for the good work Ocean Edge does at our apartment complex. We are living in the midst of chaos here during renovations and I’m sure the crew must find their work difficult. Amy is kind and helpful as are the rest of the crew.

Snow sceneA note of recognition of one of your fine plow drivers. This morning, I, like many others on this here Cape, was clearing snow adjacent to my mail box, and was chiseling away at the pile of heavy blocks of snow, as well as ice chunks. Ugh! I noticed a medium sized plow truck waiting patiently for me to get out of the way. The driver looked at the remaining mound in the middle of the road, and with out a blink, she lowered her plow and rammed this stuff off onto the side. Backed up, gave a wave, and was on her way. The name on the truck: Ocean Edge Landscaping. What a nice thing to do.